Friday, October 30, 2009

how's your day?

i managed to pass by the day....despite the fact the moody swings showed up nowhere in between the hours...

aaa..the the facts:

1) enjoyed the dinner
malu kalo ingat....macam posa...lagi dasat dp posa.....sampai aje makanan aje attack! N! i blame you! but the foods are great..i like the japanese tofu....wonder how come the baby corn tasted nice....
2) enjoyed the company of great friends
definitely! G pointed the shoes...oh oh! i am so in love with wedges (bukan potato wedges aaa). so i got myself new pair of lovely wedges..pakai on the spot! hahaha
3) enjoy the fact SBF is so cool....even wished me 'enjoy yourself'

pastu...happy akhirnya mlm tadi. dlm keta, borak2 dgn SBF. finally decided to go ahead to buy the 2 things *wink wink*

guess what...SBF lagi dasat. dia pun decided gak. cishh. but again, utk kebaikan bersama (dianye decision). my decision is solely for my own satisfaction...ngeh ngeh

i luv u SBF....also i love u Im & Nop


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