Saturday, December 19, 2009

cheeky & im

ah my 1st son is getting bigger. seems like so soon :(

we spent half day at our KL's apartment. after the renovation, it's time to do some cleaning & putting up some new stuff etc. getting ready for new tenant :)

we set the budget tight, we're being cheap :) well, exceed a bit. but i rate we're good. hehehe

ok, this is actually about im. i think he's being cheeky & he wants to be with us more....*sigh

the cheeky part.
i am limiting my kids from eating junk-food. limiting, not totally avoiding, that means once in a while, they can have it. takla esok jakun or nanti makan curik-curik belakang i. i bought potato chips & ribena for the kids. but that potato actually meant for me. haha.

on the way to KL, i opened the package & start eating with them. rasa-rasa dah cukup diaorang rasa, i cakap no more. im was protesting, against to the idea.

me : ok dah. dah banyak im makan.
im : ma makan banyak
me : ma dah tua
im : diam sekejap...tadi pagi im sikat nampak uban kat kepala im
me : sungguh rasa nak tergelak, bagi insyarat kat SBF. dengar tak apa im cakap....

the sensitive part.
nop was sleeping when we were reaching the place. so only SBF went out to the furniture shop. suddenly..
im : ma, jom la kita tukar tayar kereta
me : nak buat apa
im : nanti cepat ambik im kat taska
me : aaa?
im : nanti papa bawak kereta laju..cepat ambik im & nop. macam afiq
me : speechless. sayu nye dalam hati. afiq tu, papa & mama dia pagi-pagi im tengah tidur dah hantar afiq kat taska. mama & papa dia pergi kerja awal, boleh ambik afiq awal. ok,kita buat macam ni. malam im & adik tidur awal. nanti mama & papa hantar im & adik awal jugak, dapat la kitaorg pergi kerja awal. boleh balik awal ambik im & adik awal...ok?
im : ok..

alahaiii......anak mama....

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