Tuesday, December 29, 2009

minta di baiki

i love this watch. so much.

bought on my own kat IOI mall. i tell you, it's love at 1st sight. yearsss back, dont really remember tahun bila.
masa tu sale, tu pun 2 3 kali dok ulang alik kat kedai yg sama. nak tak nak..nak tak nak...last-last....berpindah milik :D

i like watch yg can tell the date. this is one definitely. tho kalo month-end yg less than 31, kena la adjust manually. pastu, i suka 'tali' jam ni. just nice connected to each other. oowwwhhh......

i have another 2 of the same brand, gift from company for long service award. but it's not the same. i rarely wear them. most of the times, mmg pakai yg ni. hhaaiii.....

i just realized yg clip tu rosak 2 days ago. i want to get it fixed...soon....

we will be together again, skin-to-skin. cewahhh....hehehe

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