Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my oh my


i was waiting for SBF the other day to fetch me from my workplace. i called it done for the day. most of the things planned, accomplished, so i can blog for a while. :)

see, time sure flies fast! feel like it was only yesterday i gave birth to them. ok, yesterday & the previous day since they are not twin. hehe

rekindle the sweet sweet sweet memories...btw, pics are not in age particular order yek :)

my 1st newly born baby :). i was worried to see the 'extra skin' attached to him. Dr D (the gyne) told us it's ok. it will fall off on its own gradually. pheww...lega :)


i am still not sure was he smiling at me or he's abt to do his business.

 his 2nd birthday. by this, i was 3 week pregnant for the 2nd son

i was still in confinement & had chicken pox! it was a terrible moment for me. had to send them to mother in-laws :(

oh! i love you too dear :) muahs!!

ma, apa pandang-pandang :P little chap. he's one happy baby. always smile when i snap his pic

practise duduk ye :)

newly born, my 2nd child. look at his pipi...eee..yummy. ehhehe mmg suka main-main dgn kaki sendiri time tukarkan pampers.

isn't he is just cute. hehehehe

he's able to hold the bottle on his own!

ok, i need to start somewhere with my new project. that is to sort all pics of the kids...choose which one (arrgghh....this could be tough job for me) to be printed. then frame them.......


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