Monday, January 4, 2010

they just don't realize or memang busuk hati?

me & SBF were having breakfast this morning, talked about school, our experiences...

i just don't understand how some of the adults (see, some, not all) can really say things .. which i personally think can be demoralized to others.

i experienced this after my 1st sem result. i wanted to apply for scholarship. so i went to my alma mater to get some signatures. i remembered so clearly, of my teacher said welldone (well, i got 3.74 for the cgpa. hehehehe. bukan le riak, cuma happy mengimbau seronok time time belajar duluuuuu). then, this 1 teacher, my fizik teacher made a nasty remark. 'ala, 1st sem boleh la. dekan. dah banyak sem nanti...tengok la'. lebih kurang la. boleh ke? tak boleh ke tunjuk some more encouragement to your ex-students. ingat u sorang aje ke pandai? menyampah.

another incident. masa SRK buat final year concert. my son didnt have much participation. he just sat on the stage, moved his body to the sides & claps. hehe. (well, he's not really into that, so i was more than happy he was able to go up naik pentas) then, ada la sorang bapak budak ni, his son was 5 years old last year & attending the same school. mamat tu cakap kat SBF 'sian im, jadik pak pacak aje'. not really sure was he joking or mulut dia memang busuk. i didnt really noticed his kid's performance, coz i dont really remember his face. sorry kiddo, next time aunty remember ok .. hehe. SBF didn't reply anything. i am glad he didn't. because we are totally have superior thinking than this guy and also my ex teacher!

if the kids / youngsters really understand the meaning of those words, really bite in. how will that affect innerself? some might take it -vely, well some buat derk cam takde meaning.

i suppose, those kinda things hit my soft spot. and i react differently.

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