Tuesday, February 2, 2010


peribahasa org dulu-dulu.

di luah mati emak, di telan mati bapak. 

this one requires lotsa soft skills. i dont want to hurt any of them. never intend to do so.
i admit, thru experiences & wisdom over the ages (macam la dah tua bangattt pulak i ni..haha), not to mention the willing to be mature & taking up more responsibility, i am able to see things at different angles. 

yes i was a teenager at one point. but not that rebellious. just a tiny little bit. i might have caused head-ache to my parents, but not too much (non that i am aware of..hahhaa). i know the 'era' is different comparing now and then. but the urge to do so many things .. experimental... the attraction...SO huge. SO attractive. unless equipped with strong 'root' & belief, none of those matter. unless having the opportunity to be mature at early age, you will be able to weight actions accordingly before making any decision.

doakan yang terbaik, semoga saya dpt membantu si dia.

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