Wednesday, February 24, 2010

letting go some....

i had been planning for quite sometime to let go some of my precious. my bags actually. so, finally the urge really came while i was on the motor this afternoon. of course, some other factors counted in. 

i have 4 3 coachs, 1 MNG, 1 Etienne Aigner & Pierre Cardin Renoma. i rarely wear them. my fav the red one, yang ni kensel sbb belek 2 3 kali sayang masih tebal. *sigh

i also sorted out my wallets, to my surprise some gone missing. *sigh. the one i plan to let go as well. actually 2 missing. my Guess & LC wallets. possible i misplaced them? *tsk tsk. 

the sorting part extended to charms. i was planning to let go my LC charm bracelet...but cannot make up my mind yet. this one, i sukeeee sgt, dah lama tak jenguk .. esok nak pakai!

i liiiikkkeeee the rusty color. that's the original color btw :)

see, i have parting anxiety with all of them! but i just got some motivation from SBF. he said from the money selling those (if there're any buyers, ehem!), i can 'invest' on another bag. haha. how cool is that. 

but, i remind myself over & over. *insaf* this is not the main reason i am letting go my precious..... i still have another issue, the selling price.....uummm....

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