Sunday, April 25, 2010

not enuff rest...

few entries earlier, i made a promise to myself not to sleep late..especially on weekdays. 

but...but...i was not able to keep the promise last week. it was a tiring week!!
i slept for around 4-5 hours a day, for the whole stretch. not that i asked for it. nope nope!

it's just....*sigh.....

so, what happened? cranky, moody. marah pada budak-budak, pada suami. i hate it! dah la i mmg garang kat budak-budak yg comel tu (mesti la pada parents, anak-anak sendiri mmg comel! ahaks), extra garang la jadiknya kat depa. kesian my babies.

seriyess....bila badan penat....otak letih....semua jadik macam tak kena. otak & badan tak ngam. nyampah! 

i hope, i know 2 of my colleagues definitely wishing for the same, what had been done last week ends last Saturday. no more no more....Allah, permudahkan urusan kami....i'Allah....

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