Thursday, August 5, 2010

sauna dalam komuter

Since SBF had bowling tournament with his officemates in the evening, and already arranged for his sister to fetch the kids from the nursery, I made my own arrangement as well. Wallaa...

"Ara, free tak malam ni? jom date?"

Bla bla, yadaa yadaaa.....we agreed to meet..

The plan was for me to board commuter to Subang Jaya station & meet at Subang Parade. But what do you know! somehow God Al-Mighty had better plan for us. The train stopped not once but twice! The first was before Pantai Dalam station. The second before Subang Jaya station! almost..almost! Sorry, I didn't keep the tab how long it stopped.And with so many people, air-cond macam ada tak ada aje! Sauna! A friend of mine replied on my FB status "xpe sauna free nak hilangkan addt'l kalori 2 aiskrim free td". Jeles la tu I dapat free 2, eh, kan dia same team pun dpt extra. cish. Hot hot!

To add salt (bila la nak tengok cerita Salt ni kan, hehe) to the 'wound', after waited for quite sometime, there was an announcement saying that the train will not stop at Subang Jaya station, instead will stop at Batu Tiga station! aiyooohhhh.....

I waited for another almost one hour before reaching Subang Parade. I am not familiar with the area hence I don't dare to take a chance to take a cab. 

Sorry dear Ara, the plan to shopping or at least window shopping and ngap-ngap terbengkalai. Nevertheless, not that bad to you since you managed to grab the present for birthday guy :)

I've read one particular blog and the author komplen a lot la jugak on the commuter service. haihh....

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