Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Nop is 3

happy birthday nop! 
we love you so much. 


neither presents nor cake yesterday for my baby. the plan is, to celebrate it with family and close friends during raya. puasa-puasa ni, mood kureng nak celebrate...tee hee hee

the funny thing is, whenever this subject (celebrating birthday for nop), im always ask when is his turn. and despite many times explaining his next turn will be in 2011, and though he says yes "understand", he insists that he to have cake as well. 

finally, yesterday i told him..seems like that answer satisfied him.
i told him, "ok, you and nop can celebrate and cut the cake together. your turn next year, celebrate the same with nop as well".

macam-macam la budak-budak ni.....

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