Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hi, my name is joe

i had solo lunch today. 

a stranger asked me if he can sit in front of me. to which i said ok. the place is packed during lunch hour. so, i don't mind. he and his 3 other friends sat next to me. 

here the 'map' of our sitting.
his friend. him
empty. me

i was enjoying my lunch, watched tv and avoid eye contact what so ever with any of them. i don't mind sitting with strangers as long, please don't bother me.

i think i heard, the guy sitting in front of me asked a question. 'do you work here?'. but i couldn't be sure, so i just pretended like hear nothing. he then continued chatting with his friend, the one sitting next to him. ok, i might be right.

then, he asked me again. 'do you work here?'. i just shake my head. 'you work nearby?' i just nod. he introduced himself as joe. asked me my name! how dare you. he thought i didn't hear him, he asked if i don't understand english. this time i replied, 'i don't want to have any conversation. sorry'. 

i don't think i am being rude, i even said 'sorry'. 

i just finished my meal, drank my warm honey-lemon, read the paper, and left.

i don't think many strangers or local, will do as what he did. unless nak mengurat, or selling something. or am i being biased? 

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