Friday, December 3, 2010

wake up

we had to leave the house early today. need to send my father in law to hospital; fakulti perubatan UITM @ Selayang. it's something similar to PPUM, for his respiratory check-up.

so, after done taking bath, i was surprised seeing nop already wake-up. no crying at all. so excited asking me to bath him. what happened? 

my best guess is, he wants to wear jeans or long pant today. same request everyday throughout this week. and, i found out that the nannies in the day care always tease him saying that he looks so handsome in that. go figure! no wonder......

how long will this last. i appreciate this since this make my morning routine more blissful :D 

okay, i need to shop for more jeans :D for nop....of course, for im as well. 

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