Friday, December 16, 2011

cerita im dan sekolah, kisah nop selit sikit....

hiya peeps....

no mood to update as often (macam la i selalu update entry, hik hik) as i could. 

a week ago, we (SBF, me, im and nop) went to SRK. to see his result. his final year exam result. alhamdulillah. he made good improvement. 4 papers and 2 wrong answers. and, me and his class teacher at the same time, said 'it's standard two syllabus!" hihi. it's amazing what kids can absorb. i mean normal kids la kan. yang genius tak masuk kategori la. 

we personally so happy with his progress. both academic and interaction / social skill. we enrolled him into the school with 1 reason in mind; for him to be among same age friends for him to improve his ability to speak. he used to stutter or repeat the same word many times before he could finish the whole sentence. we didn't see speech therapist, but highlighted our concern with our Paed. we took her advice. alhamdulillah, before we knew it, the problem is gone. alhamdulillah.

i remember the 1st year performance, when he was 4 years old, he participated by just sitting on the floor and making hands movement. that's it. but we were happy nevertheless. because he was a shy boy. well, he's still a bit shy now. by the 2nd year, he improved! he's among those kids who had more moves i can remember. hehe. same goes for the 3rd year. (macam masuk U pulak, 1st year, 2nd year. :))

i always remember what SBF told me when i was worried whenever it's exam week. "don't stress the kid, let him enjoy the school. let him have the happy feeling going to school. if he's happy, things will be in place, i'Allah". it's true isn't? same like us adult, if we like what we are doing, everything falls just in the right place, well, bukan semua la. hehe. macam i suka baking, tapi ada jugak masa-masa buat tak jadi. :P. same with work, if you are doing what you love, tak ada la berkira sangat. but ok, let's be honest, there's always ups and downs. 

next year, my boy will enter sekolah kebangsaan, the 'real' school. i doakan dia yang terbaik; enjoy going to school, enjoy learning, have good friends (with good influence of course), no troubles finding him and cause no trouble. too much expectation? macam fairy tale? hehe. we can only wish for the good thing, but at the same time, be prepared with those reality hits. yerlah, sekolah rendah sekarang bukan macam time i dulu. nothing much to be worried by parents. sekarang, haih macam-macam. tengok status kawan-kawan kat wall FB, that's the reality. 

malam tadi sempat 'tangkap' 2 pasang uniform sekolah. :D (kejap nyaaaa anak dah besar. rasa macam baru semalam tapak kaki dia sebesar 2 jari i...times flies.). that's about it. yang lain next week kot. haha. sekolah agama pun tak sempat nak bayar yuran lagi. tu i serahkan kat SBF. 

nop pun nak masuk kindy next year. yuran pun tak bayar lagi, due date 25/12. that's i have to take care. harap-harap SBF boleh top-up sikit. banyak pun baguss.. hehehe. 

bila im try baju sekolah malam tadi, nop pun try juga. bila cakap baju sekolah ambil next week, ada ke dia kata nak sekarang. i told the teachers, nop and im have their own personalities, nop is kinda... more playful. kuat merajuk pulak tu. haihh.. bagi depa heads-up dulu siap-siap.  

i don't want to miss hugging them, main geletek-geletek, kiss them on the cheeks, while we still have time. every morning sending them to nursery and kindy, memang cium. we asked imran, will you still kiss mama and papa bila dah sekolah rendah. he nods. yerlah, we'll see. :)

cepatnyaaa budak-budak ni membesar..... kan?

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