Thursday, November 26, 2009

i am such a ______


who doenst like to shop, rite?
me, my weaknesses could be for everything. dem*n those shops. :P

ok, i used to bag every month. but i am happy to announce i am no longer doing that! yippie!! (read : I am sooo proud of myself). not to mention jeweleries, clothes (for the kids & SBF actually), shoes & books.

but the thing is, i still like to shop for books. i mean, i still have 3 or 4 books not yet read (oh, i have the latest book from Dan Brown, hard cover, soo sayang to read. can you believe this? believe me i am that kinda person. urgh) and yesterday i bought another 3 books. oh maybe should just consider 2. the other 1 is cake recipes. *drool*. (im already asked me to bake 1 of the cake, there are 500+ recipes!!).

but, it's book! not magazines.... :)

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