Thursday, November 26, 2009


so what if i have a hobby of snapping pics?
so i got myself big camera. NIKON D90 to be exact. (read: takde niat riak tau...saje je letak model ape...relevan kat cite semalam..hehehe) though i dont equip myself (yet) with all those additional gears or attending formal classes, i dont think that hinders me from taking not-so-bad pics after all.

the conversations yesterday, made me ponder.
i can't imagine ______ (insert my name here) is taking pics with the camera.
for this 'is taking pics with the camera', imagine urself holding the camera & ready to snap. that's what my friend was doing.

do you really use the camera to take pics?of course i am using that camera to take pics!. i think i am pretty good at playing around too. haha

aren't those biase against me or i am just being pissed off?

oh yeah, yesterday i got 4 hours sleep only. maybe my brain wasn't functional well ...

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