Monday, January 25, 2010

im's day

we declared it im's day :D on 24th Jan.
as much as possible, he's allowed to have as much fun as possible. haha

well, the morning 24th, he woke me up (the other way around i supposed, hehe). pardon me, i was so tired. when i opened my eyes, i saw his angelic face. my son is 5 years old! can't really imagine i have son this big already. seems like only yesterday SBF & me taking our sweet ride to SJMC (despite Dr D rushing us to reach early due to..water broke already...this will be made into different entry). i sang him happy birthday song. he's so happy!

i ushered both little guys into the bathroom to take a bath. getting ready for outing. well, SBF had gotong royong in the neighbourhood. some silly shallow minded (mind my language, can't really help it) people threw rubbish at the nearby open area (actually going up to our neighbourhood). it's a sore to the eyes. imagine if someone suka-suka buang sampah infront of your courtyard, suka ke? so, the gotong royong was to put some kind of penghadang so that no lorries can enter the place. and put up can-be-seen sign no to throw rubbish. then depa bakar sampah tu. haiii.....

nak cite pasai hari im.....ok sambung balik...

i deko kek coklat, letak topping & choc chips. the kids already outside playing. once the cake's ready, i called them into the house. we sing happy burthday song to im. nop cried. because he wanted to cut the cake as well. haha. your turn in September la.

on the way to Gardens, we made a short stop at Petronas. i needed to get im's 1st birthday present. as requested by him, the chewing gum! you are simple kid la kiddo. i like that. hehehe :)

the plan was to have lunch at italiannese (sorry, still bantai the ejaan. hahaha). then let the kids play at mega kidz.

the lunch was superb. the kepah (what's the english for it?), we ordered 2 sets. all gone into our hungry stomach except the shell la. it's quite hot but im really liked it. (no pic, i forgot to snap!). then we had the pizza. chicken garlic. i like it. the kids like it. SBF also like it. :D nice choice mama!

last dish, beef lasagna. so so. i love lasagna. but this one, not up to my taste-bud. then, nop broke a glass. haiiyyyoohhhh......but we dont have to pay for it. thanks italiannese! we were served by Saiful. i am happy with the service. SBF too. i asked Saiful if they still give away the complimentary birthday cake. they did! yehhuuu....we sang another happy birthday song for im. he's happy & he likes the bread pudding too. well, me too! heheheh

ok, chop chop after paying, we went straight to toy shop. that's where im changed his mind. he saw the skateboard! well, he got that too.

SBF somehow changed his mind. no mega kidz. he's allergic to crowd place. really? is it? hhmm....

so....that's it venture for the day for imran & nop & mama & papa. simple. yang penting, itu budak happy. :D

mama & papa sayang im. semoga membesar sihat & bijak.

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