Monday, July 26, 2010

my birthday 2010

Happy birthday to me! :)

to be frank, i wasn't excited at all to celebrate or what ever you call it, this year born-date. why? i can't pin-point the exact reason out of so many possibilities. don't bother at all to find one.

but, i am happy nevertheless when SBF wished me "happy birthday honey". and gave me the present. cemana dia bagi malas pulak nak cerita kat sini. hehe. malas...penyakit tak sesuai kalau nak update blog

there was really no celebration, it's not a tradition for both of us. the celebration is more for the kids :)
we had simple lunch, of course with the kids as well. and we watched 'the sorcerer's apprentice'. 
then both me & SBF watched 'inception' malam tu. 

and then, dear friend ara gave me this gift. thanks dear! :) :)

of course, i appreciate all the birthday wishes daripada kengkawan semua. those really made my day :)

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