Sunday, December 19, 2010

meet the 'beber''s grandfather in midvalley!

nop was so excited when he saw so many bears (soft toy of course) in the concourse area in midvalley. he actually, wanted to take home the big one. and the guard kept on walking in the area to make sure no body crossed the red-tape-line. kesian nop. i nak ambil gambar dia posing kat situ pun tak dapat. 

one of the big bear kat bawah....yang mana yek...

then, because i needed to buy something from watson, we headed that way and then, i saw another piled of bears. oh wait, i noticed only one, which captured my eyes, yang lain tak pandang dah. hehe. i quickly called SBF yang dah menonong berjalan kat depan dengan nop. 

and i was right, when i pointed the big brown bear to nop, he was so excited. SBF quickly made up a story, bab-bab cerita hikayat, dia memang handal. 
"nop, ni la atuk beber" (tengok post ni kalau nak tau sapa beber )

i asked nop to sit on the box in front of the bear, he said no. instead, he wanted to stand on it. to be closer. nice one kiddo. let's see his actions :D. 

dah habih posing bagai, nop tanya soalan cepumas. 
"mana papa 'beber'?"
"papa 'beber' work"

hampeh betul! mama 'terpaksa' sambung hikayat papa tadi.....

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