Tuesday, June 21, 2011

paper english

today is the second day im exam. paper english. so should i write in english too? hehe

anyway, since last year, i use this approach on him when exam is coming; study smart and informal. well, study smart is more like a lie. hehe :P

the 1st year, we really sat down and spent time for revision. he was 4 then. the result, not bad. but, then i think again, he's just 4. me & SBF agree that we need to instill the happy thought when associating the kids with school. start early. 

so, last year, we changed the approach. the informal way. we play for the revision. play here means, we make it a fun process. example, i said the words, he spelled it. i pointed the sign-board, asked him to read it loud. asked him to find/point certain words. asked him to do simple addition, subtraction. see, this is like a game, no stress. the result, improved. happy and still achieved the target. hehe

this year, terrible. i was terrible. no fun revision at all. :(

remember we were out of country during 2nd week of April? realized he missed the calendar learning process during those days. and we only catched-up last nite. i know i am bad. poor im. how to make him remember january till december and how many days per month? how to remember leap year has how many days? normal year how many days? how about february during leap year. 
"ma, im tak paham sebulan tu ada 31 hari" for the case of January. 
"ma, leap year tu apa?" i told him it's 'tahun lompat' in malay, and he confused with the word 'lompat'
"macam hari lompat (main-main) kat taska tu ke?"


u know this knuckle-game, where you associated the month and the days with it? yeap, that's simplest and easier way i shared with him. 

and this morning, he asked me 
"kalau im tak boleh jawab macammana?" to which i replied 
"im jawab yang senang dulu. dah siap baru buat soalan-soalan susah"

how can a 6 year old kid to be worried about exam? it's just kindy. my fault? 

i remember i started learning A-B-C 1-2-3 at school when i was 7! i don't remember having to memorized january-feb-bla bla during those days. lucky me, i had good teachers and less classmates, so teachers can concentrate more on us. and, we know, schooling todays no longer the same as ours. and as a parents of current generation, we want the best for the child. being defensive on my action? hmm...

well, good luck im!

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