Monday, June 20, 2011

super 8, green lantern

the 1st time im watched the trailer for green lantern, he was excited. well, me too. hehe
so, last saturday, we watched it. the four of us. 

im is still excited about the superhero figure, hal jordan. me and SBF, we kinda disappointed. the cgi effect nothing much. and the drama, is just not strong enough. 

however, i, never had any intention to watch super8. ada yang komen kata macam ET, ada yang kata banyak drama la. but one of my colleague, gave good thumb up for the movie. 

so, at the end, i booked super8 as well; we watched 2 movies that day! haha

of course, im and nop dont really appreciate non-action movies (macam transformer tu or superheroes movies). me and SBF, like this movie. the drama is not too heavy but well balanced among the kids. yeap, the story berkisar pada budak-budak. and ada alien. ada satu babak, i terjerit sebab terkejut! was unexpected. malu! hish.....anyway, so worth the money.

between green lantern and super8, super8 lagi best! ;D

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