Sunday, July 31, 2011

July and me

Dah menjadi jadi pula trend lambat update blog sekarang ni kan. *sigh*
Same old story, kita skip aje la. J

So, July is coming to and end. Ramadhan in August is coming, just near the corner J
Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak, moga lebih berkat amalan dan hidup kita.
Kalau ada salah silap sepanjang kita ber blog ni, yang unintentionally have offended anyone of you, minta maaf banyak-banyak ya.
So, July…
It’s my birthday month. The 1st wish came from my insurance agent, about a week earlier I got his card. Hehe. Thanks Ryan.

Then SBF. On the Friday before my birthday (on Sunday), when I met him at the train station, I did notice his laptop was a bit bulky. Didn’t strike my mind for anything. Only after we walked for really short distance, I realized he carried my present! Haha! Funny this guy tau. of course, I cannot tahan, insisted to see it when we were in the car, and he didn’t really object; I don’t have to wait for Monday to see my present! Thanks love. :D

the present :D
 And, to all friends who wished me on FB and texted me, thanks so much! But, errr.. since I don’t link up my blog with my FB, they wouldn’t know my thanks. Hehehe. But, every single wish, I replied tq at least J

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